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Will Web3 Conquer the Music Industry? The Audius Story.

When most people hear about crypto or blockchains, they probably think it’s all about Bitcoin. Turns out there’s much more to it. Audius is a new kind of music streaming company built on the foundations of the blockchain or Web3 technology. Despite being only 3 years old, Audius was named one of the hottest companies of 2021 attracting investment from top Venture Capital firms and artists like Katy Perry, Nas, Pusha T, Steve Aoki and others. In this episode we get the down-low on the hype around Audius and how a crypto-based streaming platform can provide radical new benefits to artists and their fans.

We’re joined by Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning. Roneil is a co-founder and CEO at Audius and previously co-founded Kleiner Perkins' early-stage seed fund. At KP, he was responsible for seed investments into Blockchain and AI companies. Roneil attended Stanford University and previously co-founded a Bitcoin peer-to-peer payment company called Backslash. He joins us from Lake Tahoe. Forrest is a co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Audius. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient, and previously was a Co-Founder of StacksWare. Today he joins us from West Texas.

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