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A Good Day for Audius — $AUDIO Shows Bullish Patterns

The rising music streaming service, Audius is becoming more popular today. In fact, its native token, $AUDIO, is currently showing a bullish pattern these days. This is proof that many users are investing and taking a liking to the platform.

To note, Audius is a brand-new music streaming platform built for musicians. Right now, many refer to it as “Spotify Rival” because even international artists invest in it. However, the difference in Audius is that blockchain powers the Audius platform. As fully decentralized music streaming protocol built-in public blockchain infrastructure, it allows artists to distribute their own music as well as permit fans to pay artists directly.

Furthermore, it has a governance token — $AUDIO. More so, users utilize this token to stake but most importantly, to vote on the future of the platform. According to CoinMarketCap, it currently has over $2.80 value. Along with this, the token now has a 0.04206 24H Volume — clearly higher than its first launch where it hit a low of $0.04.

More so, in the image seen above, one could see how the token is showing a bullish pattern. Who knows, it might even hit the moon soon, right?