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TikTok associated with Audius, invest in AUDIO token now?

Audius AUDIO / USD is a decentralized music exchange protocol as well as a streaming protocol that can facilitate direct transactions between creators and their listeners. This means that everyone has the opportunity to monetize, distribute and stream any audio content.

The integration of TikTok as a catalyst for growth
On August 16, Audius tweeted his announcement that they would be joining TikTok. In other words, users could share their tracks directly from Audius to TikTok.

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Furthermore, this integration makes Audius one of the first partners of the multimedia giant Sound Kit SDK.

In other words, creators now have the ability to bring original music from third-party apps to the TikTok ecosystem.

As for the artists who got on board, you have Skrillex, Deadmau5, The Stafford Brothers, 3LAU, and others.

Should you invest in Audius (AUDIO)?
On August 18, the value of Audius (AUDIO) was $ 2.80.

As a point of comparison, its all-time highest value was achieved on March 27, where the token was worth $ 4.95. This indicates that its highest value is 76% higher than its value on August 18.

TikTok sparked great interest and growth in the token, where it jumped from $ 1.62 on August 16 before the announcement to $ 3.49 after.

This marked a 115% increase in value, right after the announcement by TikTok, which showed genuine interest in the token and integration.

From the highest point on August 16, it fell 20% to August 18, making it a perfect point to invest in the token.

TikTok is by far one of the most popular apps out there, and given the genuine integration and interest of creators in sharing their music on the platform, it has a lot of potential for growth.

The more the platform grows and the more creators start using Audius, the demand for the AUDIO token will increase, which in turn will cause its price to go up. According to data from IntoTheBlock, Audius saw $ 72.63 million in transactions over $ 100,000 in the last 7 days.

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Additionally, it viewed 15,630 addresses versus the 30-day average, with a 30-day high of 17,420 addresses and a 30-day low of 14,950 addresses.

With all of this in mind, it is clear that the AUDIO token has the potential to grow and can go as high as $ 3.52 by the end of August, making it a worthwhile investment.

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