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Blockchain-Based Music Streamer ‘Audius’ Will Let Artists Share Their Tracks Directly To TikTok

Audius, a decentralized music platform owned by artists, fans, and developers — that enables artists to share new songs and monetize their streams directly — has forged a new pact with TikTok.

The blockchain-based app, founded in 2018 and currently serving 5 million monthly active users, has become the first digital service provider (DSP) to launch an integration within the TikTok Sound Kit.

A DSP is an online store (like iTunes) or streaming service (like Spotify) that features digital albums and singles. The TikTok Sound Kit is a developer tool unveiled in May that enables creators and artists to bring original sounds and music from third-party apps into the TikTok ecosystem. Other partners include recording studio Audiobridge, hip hop artist app Rapchat, and others.

The pact means that all 100,000 artists on Audius — from headlining acts like Skrilex, Weezer, deadmau5, and Diplo to bedroom producers who are just starting out — will be able to share their creations directly to TikTok, and thus have the chance to go viral. (Rolling Stone notes that this ability does not yet exist major streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music). To do so on Audius, artists can simply upload a track a click ‘Share to TikTok’.

“A lot of times artists can get in their own head and feel like they’re stuck,” producer and DJ Wuki, who has 400,000 followers on TikTok, said in a statement. “Knowing that any track has the potential to pop off motivates me to be more productive and keep grinding.”