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Audius adds feature for artists to share tracks to TikTok

We reported last week on decentralised streaming service Audius’s latest milestone: five million monthly active users. Now the company is claiming to have stolen a march on its bigger competitors by becoming “the first music streaming service to allow sharing directly to TikTok”.

It’s using TikTok’s ‘Sound Kit’ feature, which was announced in May as a way for other apps to export music to TikTok. Audiobridge, Landr, Rapchat and Yourdio were the first apps to use it, but Audius is certainly early to it as a streaming service.

Note, this is not about Audius’s listeners sharing tracks to TikTok. It’s about artists, when they upload tracks to the DSP, being able to click a ‘Share to TikTok’ option to also distribute them to the social app. It’s a good feature for Audius to have, although it’s also fair to say that bigger DSPs don’t take direct uploads from artists, so arguably don’t need this feature.

They can leave it to distributors to provide a TikTok sharing option, as the likes of Believe and UnitedMasters do. There may be an argument to come over that ‘first DSP’ claim, though: SoundCloud’s distribution arm Repost also lets artists send music to TikTok…